LIAO dumbwaiter elevator adopts the industrial computer(PLC) control with the novel structure and the advanced composition. It has the features such as fine security and reliability, smooth running,convenient operation etc. The car and hoistway door utilizes the hairline stainless steel plate for the manufacture. It is deluxe and beautiful in appearance. It is widely applicable for the hotels,restaurants and so on.

It covers little space and does not need strong construction capacity. It can always fulfill the perfect and economical design no matter for old or new constructions.
It uses the advanced PC control module to fulfill the smooth and accurate elevator running and leveling.
The humane design brings about the more flexible operations.
LIAO dumbwaiter elevator is safe,practical,elegant,peaceful with the flexible operation and easy repair. It has the multiple standard serial varieties and specifications. It can also be specially designed according to the user's requirements.

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