In order to meet the needs of modern home, SUZHOU LINGAO ELEVATOR with no room design concept, the concept of "home" into a home elevator design aspects, while using a new type of environmentally friendly materials, in convenient family safe up and down at the same time, to minimize energy consumptionin response to 21 century needs of environmental protection.

We neither need the traditional machine room, nor any extra building cost.
Specially designed rucksack frame to the home lift with traction ratio 2:1
VVVF technology drive,SUZHOU LINGAO villa elevator special pur-pose micro-computer board control
We adopt slide+roller composite guide shoe
The special-purpose traction machine rack is fixed in the guide-rail. The construction does not bear the force
We apply 220V single-phase home lift special host
Automatic special door machine, synchronous timing belt transmission, Smooth low noise

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