LIAO serial goods elevator has the bright,spacious,economical and practical car with the optimized design. It offers the swift and gonvenient cargo transport. It has the superior characteristic such as the fine security and reliabil-ity,smooth rnning,large loading capacity etc.It can always satisfy the customer's requirments. It is the finest cargotransport tool.

LIAO freight elevators without machine room products, leading the trend of the times with high-tech permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction, and traction compared to the traditional terms of a gear with the host small size,the smallest of the shaft space and sighificant energy effciency, very low-noise operation,excellent ride quality,excellent performance characteristics,maintenance-free life,then with leisurely concise and elegant,elegant colors,humanization design style of the car with a combination of security and the perfect combination of classic can be widely used in factories,shopping malls and other shipping sites.

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