Focus on technology research and development to promote the development of the industry

Ling Austrian adhere to the R & D as the brand responsibility, and actively promote the domestic elevator industry technology development, and create a domestic elevator industry technology new standard. In the manufacture of more and more high-quality elevator products at the same time, Ling Olympic elevator is also willing to brand their own technical achievements and industry to share, promote the Chinese elevator industry is a new development.

Carefully serve the community to create a harmonious and convenient

To the customer first, to the community first, is always set up Ling Olympic service standards. Lingao elevator products in more and more customers by the same time, we will never forget the responsibility of enterprises, the whole service to the community, for more consumers to provide a harmonious and convenient comfort experience.

Concerned about the cause of environmental protection achievements in a healthy environment

Ling Austrian strict selection in line with international production standards of raw materials, equipment and in strict accordance with international environmental standards for the production of all its products. In addition, Lingao constantly research and development in energy conservation and environmental protection on the technological innovation, the use of international leading energy-saving materials and processing mode, not only for customers to create a more healthy and environmentally friendly use of experience, more human environmental protection contribution to the cause of the brand.

Advocate people - oriented to build human feelings

Lingao advocate the internal human feelings, well aware of the development of enterprises can not do without the support of employees. Ling Austrian adhere to the people-oriented, concerned about the staff of their own technology refreshing and ability to develop, respect for each employee's self-needs, and a dedicated staff home to facilitate the lives of employees, entertainment and social.