Yesterday, the "malls and schools" child safety campaign held by ladder flow in Hanyang district of Wuhan City Chu Choi Primary School. The event co-sponsored by the State Administration of Quality Supervision of Special Equipment Safety Supervision Bureau, Ministry of Education, Elementary Education Department, West Otis Elevator Co., Ltd., plans within five years, the concept of safety by ladder and knowledge spread to hundreds of cities nationwide Wan primary and secondary schools.

Yesterday's events in a safe riding as the primary platform for mobile advertising vehicle, the elevator "put" the bus, students can visit the elevator experience elevator core components and principles, learning safe riding in entertaining knowledge.

"I know 'can not rely on the elevator door,' 'not with my hand door, picking door', 'do not take the overloaded elevator', 'Do not step on the escalator yellow line' then I have to tell my parents and family, We have to learn how to correctly take the elevator and escalator! "a third-grade school student told reporters.

It is reported that, since the 2013 start, "malls and schools" has successfully gone through 17 cities, helping twenty-eight thousand thousand pupils and establish a sense of safety by ladder, learn safe riding knowledge.